Develop your business
with RecoAcc

Working with RecoAcc is profitable

We invite system integrators to partner with us to earn more by selling highly valuable and profitable solutions.

We provide 100% multi level project protection for our partners, assistance in sales, technical and marketing support and share our unique expertise.

Your competitive advantages
  • You can design your projects with our technical solutions and the competitors will not be able to provide the same design using the standard solutions.

  • You go to your customer not to fix small issues, but to provide a stable facility operation. We help you prepare an offer and documentation for your customer in business terms (with an emphasis on ROI, automation, minimisation of human factor).
  • You can react to your customer’s requests quicker with the opportunity to consult with our specialists by taking any questions into account in a project phase.
  • You can improve your reputation with a customer and extend an operation with them for new projects or add the service model to get a continuous income.
What support do you get
  • We help you prove the selection of the offered solutions for your customer based on tasks and conditions on site. We assist to describe this selection in clear terms to the business and managers.

  • We will support you in your project from pre-sale until final commissioning and assist at any stage if needed:

    • during pre-sales
    • during the site survey
    • preparing technical requirements.